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Extra Member Benefits

RightCare offers benefits and services in addition to basic Medicaid covered services for our members. For assistance with getting a reward card, RightCare Members can visit

Help for Members with Asthma

  • Regular Refills $50 Gift Card
  • $20 Gift Card for Asthma Disease Management participation

Extra Help for Pregnant Women

  • $75 Gift Card for a Prenatal Visit
  • $75 Gift Card for a Postpartum Visit
  • $20 Gift Card for Going to a Baby Shower and Prenatal Visit
  • $20 Gift Card for Going to a Baby Shower and Postpartum Visit

Extra Benefits for Children

  • $50 Gift Card for 6 Texas Health Steps Checkups by 15 months
  • $50 Toward a Toddler Car Seat
  • $20 Toward a Booster Car Seat
  • $25 Gift Card for a Timely Texas Health Steps Checkup

Additional Behavioral Health Benefits

  • $20 Gift Card for a Behavioral Health Inpatient Follow-up Visit

Extra Help Getting a Ride

  • One monthly ride for members to go to the grocery store, WIC appointments, health education classes, fitness centers, vocational trainings, job interviews, self-help group meetings, places of worship/religious services, pregnancy/birthing classes, newborn classes, CPR/first aid classes, RightCare Member Advisory Groups, or RightCare Baby Showers. To set up a ride, Call RightCare Nonemergency Medical Transportation at 1-877-447-3101 or fill out our form. Rides must be requested 3 days before your scheduled trip. You can also download the A2C app, Access2Care’s no cost mobile app. You can find it in both Apple App and Google Play stores.

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